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ABH2O Cross-Water Walking Skis (a pair),  plus a pair of poles.

Color: Yellow.

Approximate measures of one ski:

Length: 6.5 feet (198 cm). Weight: 23 pounds (10.5 kg).

Description & Use

ABH2O cross-water walking skis are stable, safe and easy to use. The ski is designed so it cannot flip over.

Cross-water walking on our skis is similar in movement to cross-country skiing, with a reduced pressure on ankles and knees. It offers total body movement, all muscles workout and is very good for burning calories and improving the overall physical fitness. Muscles of legs, arms, the lower and the upper body are worked out. 

Depending on the skill level, the skis can be used for sea, lake, river, pond, or swimming pool cross-water walking. Our skis will be also designed so they can be easily assembled and disassembled to fit in any car.

Final products will be made from unsinkable plastic materials.

Steps for using the skis:

1. Ready: Put the skis on water.

2. Set: Step on the skis.

3. Go: Walk on water.


All ABH2O cross-water walking skis and poles displayed at this website are prototypes;

all designs are still under development.


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